Host and Organize User Scripts

Do you build custom user scripts for your own browser so you can have your websites look the way you want them to look, or perhaps you want to add functionality that the websites are missing? We can help you build your first script and we will host the script for you, so that you can share it with your friends.

Get Organized

Keep all of your user scripts neatly organized in one central location.

Private Scripts

All scripts are private to you and not everyone with internet connection.

Shared Access

Invite your friends and co-workers to share your user scripts with you.

Easy To Use

If you know just a little bit of JavaScript or CSS, you'll find this helpful.

Version Control

Made a change that didn't quite work for you? You can restore the old version.

Backup & Storage

Not using a certain user-script at this moment, back it up with us for later use.

Do you want to host your user scripts?


What to know about User Scripts

Here are three simple steps for building and sharing your first user script:

Step 1: Download a chrome extension

First things first. In order for your browser to allow you to modify the look and feel of a website or to add missing functionality to the website, you will have to add an extension to your browser. We have written a blog article about it here, or since you're using a chrome browser, just go ahead and download Tampermonkey here.


Step 2: Write your first user script

Do you need to be a coder to write user scripts? That depends on a user script, but if you know even a little CSS or JavaScript, you can make things happen in no time. We have written multiple blog posts on how to write user scripts, but if you're just starting up, read this article about creating your first user script.


Step 3: Host your script

This is where user-scripts.org comes in. Simply upload your user script file to our server and we will make all the necessary adjustments to it and give you a share link. You can then make updates to the script, and everyone who has access to it will receive your updates. If you don't share your scripts they will remain private.



Our plan comes with a 3-day trial period. Check it out. If this isn't for you, you will be able to cancel your account with a single click (no need to call or email anyone).

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